About Wendy

Wendy Lockhart Wellness

Credentials and Training

  • B.S. Psychology with Biology emphasis, UC Davis, 1991
  • Graduate of the Institute for Integrated Nutrition Health Coach program, June 2021
  • Angelic Hope Archangel Academy 2020-21
  • Emotion Code certified, 2022
  • Mediumship training, 2021-22
  • Reiki certified, 2023


My purpose in this life is to be of service to others, helping them heal and grow. I am passionate about using my gifts to help you increase your energy and raise your vibration.  Interest in healing myself began  at a young age, after being diagnosed with Systemic Lupus at 19 and living through a horrific accient at 20.

Experiencing the power of my own mind to heal me led to a degree in psychobiology, so part of me is rooted in science. Every day more research unlocks the power of the brain and the connection to the gut, which prompted me to become a certified Integrated Nutrition Health Coach.

But I also have a passion for art and creativity. Currently I’m obsessed with esoteric female artists from the late 1800’s/early 1900’s. Mystical painters like Agnes Pelton, Hilma Af Klimt, Georgiana Houghton and Emma Kuntz. Emma especially used her paintings to heal others, and I’ve developed my own methods to transmute healing energy into art. Painting is my current creative outlet, which I also blend with Spirit, creating portraits which help you see yourself the way the Universe sees you, and help you fulfill your purpose.

My journey started with healing myself. You name an alternative approach to medicine, and I’ve tried it! Along the way, in the last 30 years, I’ve amassed a lot of knowledge of healing the body and mind. I love sharing my knowledge and techniques to help people feel better.

Today, I am relatively pain free, and no longer have symptoms of Lupus. I feel happier and healthier than at any point in my life and want to share my learning with other people. My specialty is working with lightworkers (people who help others), to align their mind-body-spirit for maxiumum power.

Let’s work together so we can help YOU be YOUR happiest, healthiest self.