Archangel Raphael
In the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some of the cards from my new Integrating Science and Spirit Oracle Deck. (See the Kickstarter link on the home page). I hope it speaks to you.

One of the angel cards in the Oracle Deck, Archangel Raphael is the angel to call upon when you need healing, either physical or emotional. He can help lead you to the right diagnosis, treatment or path to healing your body and mind.

Raphael can help inspire insights into yourself, and can guide the right people onto your path to help you. But you have to be open and pay attention. He has a sense of humor, guiding you to the right website, resource or person in clever and amusing ways.

Do you have mental or emotional issues that cause you pain? All paint has biological, social and emotional components. Ask Raphael to help heal you. Be general in your request, and he will guide you.

Raphael can appear as flashes of green light, or may feel like someone whispering in your ear. He can also communicate through your dreams, thoughts and feelings. To aid in your healing journal, put green crystals like jade or green fluorite near year, drink lots of water and get adequate sleep.