Raguel oracle cards

The 10th Episode of The (Not) so Perfect Journey is live! It’s another “Intuition Tools” episode, designed to help you balance mind, body, spirit to be the best you can be. The ‘sister’ cards from my oracle deck we cover this time are Microbiome, Balance and Raguel.

The Microbiome is one of my favorite topics, because we keep learning more and more about how significant it’s health is not only for our bodies, but for our minds and how we feel. There is literally a second brain (the enteric nervous system) in your intestines (the ‘gut’), that provides a feedback loop from the gut to your brain. The trillions of bacteria, viruses and fungi that make up your microbiome help process foods to provide the signals, and help produce some ‘feel good’ hormones like serotonin and dopamine.  So what you eat is reflected in how you feel and vice versa. Those bugs like fiber. Lots of fiber. This fiber is called “prebiotic” and is found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Hmm…sounds like a lot of the things we know we should eat, right? Adding refined, processed, sugary foods feed the ‘bad’ bacteria, that make you feel lousy, because they dampen the serotonin and dopamine production.  In addition to prebiotics, we can eat probiotics to increase the number of microbes. Fermented foods are great for this. Think fermented veggies, yogurt, kefir, kombucha, etc. It only takes a few days to help turn your gut around. Everyone’s microbiome is totally unique, so there is no one size fits all. Variety is key!

The next card in the series is “Balance”. I’ve been reading a lot about the history and culture of work, and why we feel so driven to deplete ourselves regularly. “Rest is Resistance” I mentioned in the last blog post. I’m reading Jenny Odell’s new book, “Saving Time”, which is a history of how we became changed to clocks, the equation of time related to work and money. Fascinating stuff! We need to give ourselves permission to rest, for no other reason than is good for us. Not so you can go do more work, but because as a human being you  DESERVE to rest. 

The last card is Archangel Raguel, who helps with balance, peace and harmony. I like to use Angelite stones when I connect with Raguel during a meditation. Ask him to help bring you peace, clarity and let you of what no longer serves you.

The podcast photo has a new look to it, too. I hope you enjoy listening and love to hear feedback! Comment, send me a message or here or on my IG page, @notsoperfectjourney.