Wendy Lockhart Wellness
I’m really loving exploring The Blue Zones recipe book. “Blue zones” are specific areas around the world where a large number of people live to be very healthy centenarians.

The 5 zones in the book have a great deal in common, including little meat, lots of beans and veggies, lots of socializing and physical activity.

I also signed up for the Blue Zones meal planner, an online tool that makes it easy to choose what to cook, generates a grocery list and is adaptable to the # of people eating and specific food allergies. You can also put in how much time you want to spend cooking and your level of cooking skill. I love the customization!


Some of the delicious things I’ve made are pictured. I made the cornmeal waffles but substituted buckwheat flour for the whole wheat flour. (I my great grandma’s ancient waffle maker, which makes me happy). I also made a cauliflower korma, using silken tofu instead of cream. The salad was delicious and I would put that miso dressing on anything!

Check it out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!