Emotion Code certificate

I’m very excited to announce I am now a certificed Emotion Code practitioner. I completed the training with Discover Healing, which was led by the creator of Emotion Code, Dr. Bradley Nelson.

I’ve long held the belief that emotions and memories can lodge themselves in our bodies and create paint. It was one of the discoveries that prompted me to get my degree in psychobiology. But Emotion Code really helps to pinpoint WHAT emotion got lodged, and sometimes information about when it happened. 

We can also absorb emotions from others, especially if we are empathic, or even inherit them from ancestors. The identification and removal of these trapped emotions is relatively easy with this system.

Part of my degree program invovled animal behavior, and I was excited that Emotion Code also includes a practice for removing trapped emotions from animals, too. I really enjoy working with animals and have been successful in helping some wonderful pets!

If you’re interested in a session, please feel free to contact me. I’m charging $65 session (30 min) for humans, $50 for animals. Let me help unblock what may be holding you back from achieving less pain and more emotional interaction with others.