Every week I do a 6-card pull from my new Integrating Science and Spirit Oracle Deck for Intuitive Power. Every week, for the last 3 weeks, I’ve pulled the Fascia card.

What is fascia? It’s a network of web-like material that surrounds our muscles and organs. When we’re young, it’s flexible and slippery. As we age, it can get ‘sticky’, causing pain and discomfort.

How can we undo the stickiness and reduce pain? Drink lots of water, eat a healthy diet, lots of stretching. But also things like using a foam roller, or a stick roller can help. I’ve also seen a lot of Assisted Stretching certified centers popping up that can help, too.

If you have muscle pain that doesn’t seem to subside, consider working on your fascia for pain reduction. For more information, check out the book “Free Your Fascia” by Dr. Daniel Fenster, which has lots of stretching moves with and without equipment.

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