I have a lot of energy, and people have asked how I do so much. My secret? Make sure you have a morning routine that sets a positive tone for your day. The amount of time I have to do my routine may vary, but the list doesn’t. Here are my non-negotiables:

1. Wake up, put on work out clothes.
2. Drink 16 oz of water.
3. Go for neighborhood walk (on strength training days) 5-20 min.
4. Journaling/automatic writing 10-30 min.
5. Meditation – 10-20 min.
6. Exercise – 10-60 minutes.

On a day when I have early morning meetings I might only have 45 minutes, on the weekend this might take 2 hours. It’s more important to have the habit of doing the things, rather than how much time you spend.

This routine has changed gradually over time and works for me. Find what works for you! Full disclosure, I used to get up and grab my iPad and get lost in digital land. Consciously moving away from that was my choice. What do you want to prioritize for YOU?