After listening to the That’s So Retrograde podcast on mushrooms, I ended up on the Multiverse page ( selecting a few products to try out. Here are the ones I’m really loving!

Butterfly foods nut butter. I started with the Chocolate Reishi, slathered on my morning Dave’s Killer Bread. So delicious! It’s a great combination of nuts, MCT oil and reishi mushrooms. Reishi is an adaptogen, designed to help your body deal with stress. It’s supposed to help immune function, etc. I can definitely say I’ve been more energized, calmer and sleeping better. And it’s just flat out delicious!

The second thing that is now a staple in my morning routine is the 5 Blend from Uphoric Urth. It’s a tasty tincture made of Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, Chaga and Cordycepts extracts. A couple of dropperfuls under my tongue or in my morning espresso and Zing! I feel like my energy levels increase immediately. They market it as a “multi-vitamin”, designed to help energy, immunity and brain function.

If you’ve been hearing about mushrooms and interested in trying them, give Multiverse a try. I really love my products (no kickbacks, I promise!) and wanted to share.