Painting neurgrapahoc

Recently I came across a new style of therapeutic art. First, you sent an intention for something you want to heal or work on. Second, you quickly add some lines in 3 seconds, not thinking, creating automatically. The lines move off the page, on the page and then back off. You can use any kind of paper, and create lines with anything permanent, like a sharpie. I love using acrylic inks because they flow to well.

The next part of really meditative, rounding off any corners or hard edges. You can now add shapes, more lines, whatever you feel like doing. You can color in the shapes with watercolors, crayons, pens, pencils, whatever you have on hand.  Here is one I did today, and embellished with some new metallic watercolors and one of my special white Japanese pens. I love how the shapes mimic neurons (hence the name neurgraphic). It’s something I’ve been doing in my automatic paintings for a while, before even discovering it was a ‘thing’.

It’s really mindful doodling; something you can do anywhere, anytime you need a little calmness or intuitive guidance from your inner self. The author of this style is a man named Pavel Piskarov. He and others have websites devoted to learning this method, and there are of course countless youtube videos.