To show how far I fell
Perspective is a funny thing. Sometimes horrible things that happen to us can actually be positive, depending on our perspective. Over 33 years ago (Jan 1988 to be exact), I had a pretty bad week. I was depressed, and not sleeping or eating properly. A year earlier I had been diagnosed with Lupus, and because I wasn’t taking care of myself it was getting worse. Blood tests confirmed it might start attacking my organs. My musical career was ended because of the painful, swollen hands Lupus had caused. I needed a car, and was in the process of buying one when the dealership literally sold it out from under me when someone else came in and paid cash.
Then a miracle happened. I walked off a cliff, accidentally, in the dark. 35 feet below I hit the ground and saw stars. My hip was broken in 2 places, my neck twisted and sprained, chin split open. But in that moment, I knew I didn’t want to die.
The recovery was long and painful, but my spirit was lifted. I called everyone I loved and told them I loved them. I was grateful to be alive. I started researching how to take care of myself, and transferred 4 monhs later to UC Davis to study psychobiology.
I got better. In mind, body and spirit. My perspective on the accident changed. Without it, how might I have ended up? It literally knocked sense into me.
What is your cliff? How do you perceive it? Can you put some gratitude or compassion toward it? How has it made you a better person?
I feel my life was spared for a reason. I’ve dedicated my life to helping others, helping them thrive. I’m grateful for the opportunity to do so.