Psychic Fair

My first Psychic Fair! Last month in San Diego I had an opportunity to have a booth at a Psychic Fair. I brought my whole heart, oracle cards and art. It was great getting to meet people and give readings using the deck, and sold quite a few.

In spite of the cramped conditions and hot weather (no a/c), it was a great experience. I was also able to give a talk about my must-dos for creating comfort in the body and focusing the mind to connect to spirit and increase intuition.

What are the non-negotiables to do align your mind-body-spirit? They’re different for everyone, but for me, drinking water, moving my body, nourishing my microbiome, eating high vibe foods and stretching are some of my ways to create comfort in my body.

For focusing my mind, making sure I get adequate sleep, dreaming, meditating (every day!), getting out in nature, and cultivating my energy through Qi Gong and tapping are my must-do items to focus my mind.

Do you know what your must-dos are? If not, think about picking up my deck to help find out. See you at the next Fair!