Wendy Lockhart Wellness
The Science Meets Spirit Deck is painted!

I’ve been a bit absent the last few months, but am happy to report the cards for my new “Science Meets Spirit oracle deck for Increased Intuition” are finished! I’m still in the process of writing the guidebook, which is based on my wellness experiences and education the last 35 years, which began with my Lupus diagnosis at age 19.

The deck is designed to help you balance your mind, body and spirit for you to pay attention to the signs the Universe sends you to keep you on the path to your purpose in this life. When mind, body or spirit are “cloudy” or in pain, these messages are harder to hear, see, feel, etc.

You might feel overwhelmed following all the “wellness” trends that are out there. The deck is designed to help you hone in and focus on what is most important for you, like having your own personal coach.

Yesterday I pulled one card for myself. It was “Joy”. I paid attention to the small things that brought a smile to my face. I felt lighter, heard more messages and guidance for the guidebook.

What do you need to heal? After the guidebook is complete, I’ll be doing a kickstarter for the first round of cards. Stay tuned!