Wendy Lockhart Wellness

singing violin by Wendy Lockhart

Individual Health Coaching

Interested in coaching? Let’s talk! I want to know what your goals are, and how we can work together to achieve them. Contact me to set up a free consultation to see what would work best for you. I have a variety of packages based on what you need.

Packages combine together coaching sessions, angel and oracle card readings, custom healing art and portraits, etc.


Wendy Lockhart Wellness

nancy by Wendy Lockhart

Wellness Oracle Reading

Oracle Reading using my Science and Spirit Oracle Deck

$95 (50 minutes with written follow-up or $45 for 30 minutes (no written follow-up)- contact me to schedule over Zoom or in person if you are in the Coachella Valley

Intuitive Energy Portrait

Using a photograph, cards pulled from various oracle decks, plus a lot of intuition, I create a personalized Energy Portrait for you. The portraits contain symbols, imagery and messages from the cards, but also those which I receive from Spirit. Frequently loved ones who have crossed over have something to contribute as well.

These portraits help you see how the Universe sees you, which is always filled with love and light, and help guide you on your journey to fulfill your purpose.

Each portrait also comes with a 1-2 page typed reading telling you which cards were used and the meaning behind the messages.

$150 (includes shipping) Click on this link to purchase my store

Wendy Lockhart Wellness

Sander by Wendy Lockhart

 “My wife bought me a Spirit Portrait for my birthday. Wendy captured my inner essence in artistic form in a way that spoke to my soul. I have it hanging above my desk so I can be inspired by it all day. I am astonished how Wendy can channel energy and insight into a painting. Thank you!”