To show how far I fell
34 years ago I walked into the darkness and off a 35 foot cliff (accidentally!). A year before that I was diagnosed with systemic lupus. It was a scary time in my life, but some good lessons were learned. The damage to my body is exacerbated with age, but I am resilient, strong, happy and mostly pain-free (and downgraded from lupus to a “connective tissue disorder”).
I’ve learned a LOT over that time about my mind, body and things that are beyond my senses (spirit). I developed my oracle deck to help pass on the information I’ve learned and what I’ve experienced to help others, which is my purpose in this life.
This week I’ll be posting pieces of the journey and what has helped. We all have our healing journeys. I love ❤️ working with people on theirs, through my portraits, readings and coaching. If you’re of healing, hit me up. I’d love to help!